LA, USA & Tanger, Morocco
    flawless US & UK accent and also fluent in Arabic & French

Zak Robertson started by doing commercials as a young child in Los Angeles. His first long-form job was playing a twelve-year-old Jesus Christ for the CNN dramatized documentary series, “Finding Jesus” in 2015 – directed by Carl Hindmarch and Nick Green for Nutopia Productions out of London.

His latest work is the 2020-released TV series, “Mirage” from Lincoln TV where Zak played a privileged Emirati 18-year-old boy who befriends the son (played by Thomas Chomel) of an American undercover operative, (played by Clive Standen) and a security advisor (played by Marie-Joseé Croze). Helmed by Louis Choquette the series is set in the UAE and was shot in Abu Dhabi and Morocco, and explores the underground world of industrial espionage.

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