Workshop: How to show(case) yourself in the best possible way
19 & 20 october, Amsterdam


We just signed a photographer to our agency. (june 2019)
For info (Amsterdam shoot)


(Some highlights)

June 2019
Peter Mensah just wrapped on the feature film ‘Devil’
Mads Koudal just wrapped on “Gangs of London’
Sammy Sheik is booked for ‘Le Bureau de Legendes’
Salim Benmoussa is booked for ‘Le Bureau de Legendes’

One of our star actresses SARAH PERLES is nominated for the CĂ©sar’s 2019!
Here is the revelation of candidates 😉

Les Révélations 2019, par Yann Gonzalez

Les Révélations #César2019 ont été réunies par Yann Gonzalez, à voir également dÚs aujourd'hui dans toutes les salles UGC

Geplaatst door Académie des César op Woensdag 16 januari 2019

We have created this page with testimonials &  some fun live reports of the actors/actresses after they come out of a casting anywhere in the world. We, the Jack&Jill team are all our actors and us, the talent agents and we are blessed to represent such a great bunch of actors/actresses from all over the world 😉



ADI GLOBUS after a casting she did in Amsterdam: