How to stand out as an actor/actress in the International Casting Industry

September-December 2023

Online Workshop for Actors

I. Introduction
A. Overview of the online workshop
B. Importance of the topics covered

II. Profiling Yourself as an Actor
A. Understanding your unique acting style and strengths
B. Crafting a compelling actor’s profile
C. Building a personal brand as an actor

III. Making the Best Self-Tapes
A. Preparing for self-tape auditions
B. Acting techniques for self-tapes
D. Editing and submitting high-quality self-tapes

IV. Effective Communication with Your Agent
A. The role of an agent in an actor’s career
B. Establishing and maintaining a strong agent-actor relationship
C. Communication strategies for feedback, auditions, and opportunities

V. Handling Rejection in the Acting Industry
A. Understanding rejection as a part of the profession
B. Developing resilience and coping strategies
C. Learning from rejection and using it as motivation

VI. Conclusion
A. Recap of key takeaways
B. Encouragement for actors to apply newfound knowledge
C. Information on further resources and support

If you are interested in this mini Zoom workshop of
2 Group calls (max 8 persons) of 1 hours each
3 personal zoom calls

Dates and more info will be provided by e-mail.
E-mail us with in the header: your name/online workshop