MASTERCLASS in Amsterdam, The Netherlands September 2019
“Selftaping and how to behave on the international market” 

MASTERCLASS AMSTERDAM                     September 2019
MASTERCLASS MOROCCO                           dates will be confirmed 2019
MASTERCLASS GREECE/ATHENS                   ”””
If you live in the above countries and already are interested?
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If you master one extra language (or more) next to Dutch, this masterclass could change your chances on the big wide and open T.V./Film market.

Ask yourself the following questions

  1. Do I have enough work right now

  2. Is the level of assignments to my standards

  3. Would it be possible for me to shine in a Netflix series?

  4. What do I have to do to make the step to get to the next level?

This Masterclass is a huge step in the right direction. (see testimonials)


We will guide you on the 4 hours MASTERCLASS and give each of you a personal guidance on how you profile yourself right now. From that starting point we will help you on your way to improve your presentation to the world, give you tips on do’s and don’ts.

Themes we are gonna work on with you:
* Your resume, pictures, showreel
* Self tape skills- every heard of them- every done them? –
* Networking-this is a big topic we will give you insights in, the do’s and don’ts
* Do it yourself or find a nice agent who will do the front work for you?

What will be your benefit attending to our MASTERCLASS?
* A better preparation & more professional profile
* Insight into the international market/help you with the most important platforms to find acting jobs!
* The next step in your career to achieve your goals as an actor/actress & do’s and don’ts presenting yourself

Guest Speakers/Famous actors/Directors/Producers in Every country
As a bonus last time we invited Nicholas Guilak who has played in T.V. series such as Homeland Security, 24.

The MASTERCLASS of the 15th of April 2018 was a great success according to the one of the students,  a Testimonial of Marty Scherff:

 Get out there! The world is your oyster!