How to act/react in scenes of aesthetic sexual nature

An unique workshop with Willeke van Ammelrooy

« How to act/react in scenes of aesthetic sexual nature »

Every actor/actress will come to a point that you will have to do a kissing scene
or even more confronting: HOW to do 
a sexscene.
In this workshop Willeke will teach you how to deal with casting calls like this.
And even better, how to be prepared for casting calls like these.
We are not talking about any films with sexual content (no porno or sexfilms!)


Workshop Horse-riding
for t.v. & film

If you are an actor/actress and you feel you need some lessons horseriding in case you would be booked for a T.V. Series which involves horseriding.
We can give you a speedtraining in order to feel safe around and on a horse.
The training entails 5 lessons: starting with getting to know the horse/feel comfortable around a horse in the first lesson and 4 lessons to get on, ride a horse without falling of.
If you are interested let us know, we will start beginning of february with these lessons.

If you are interested in either of our workshops
send us an e-mail to: