Luke Kearney Stunt Bio: STUNT COORDINATOR

Luke Kearney has been working in the TV and Film Stunt Coordinating industry for 25yrs, first starting in 1997 before moving to California in 2007. Originally, from the UK, Luke is now a US Citizen and holds a valid US and UK passport, which entitles him to work in the US, UK, and Europe. 

Luke has worked on a vast amount of big-budget production in the US and UK. Please view his IMDB pages:

Throughout Luke’s career, he has won four prestigious awards. The World Stunt Award, (Equivalent to an Oscar for stunts) for his work in The Dark Knight. Thereafter, three Stunt SAG Awards for, The Dark Knight, Inception and The Dark Knight Rises.

Luke has professional stunt teams in the US, UK, Europe, and Dubai. With World Class Stunt Performers, in Fighting (hand combat and weapons,) Driving (ALL vehicles,) Motorbikes, Speed Boats, Etc. Alongside his rigging teams who have the necessary equipment to fulfil any action scene requirements.

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