Ines de Vos has built a team of great actors with a focus point on Arabic speakers but we also represent actors/actresses from other origine from the US/EU/UAE/NORTH AFRICAN/UK, Ines de Vos  has been in the casting business all her life.
She started of as a national Casting Director from her early age of 19 in the Netherlands and worked her way up to the level this agency is today. The business operates from Amsterdam, the Netherlands but has connections all over the film/T.V. world and their actors/actresses are submitted to film and T.V. productions for networks like Netflix, Amazon, HBO, ZDF, Sony

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Ines de Vos, Talent Agent/Owner of Company

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Laywer: Michiel Ellens, Teurlings & Ellens Advocaten,
Financial Adviser: Alfred Cohen
Chamber of Commerce no: 61659975

Jack & Jill Talent Agency, Amsterdam, The Netherlands