New Team members


Hello possible new JJTA team member,

Our books are open (march 2023) for actors/actresses who are/have:

-Living/working in the US or CANADA
-Living in EU/North Africa/Middle East
-Scandinavian roots
-Asian roots
-Arab roots

What boxes do you have to tick to join our ‘family’?

-IMBD ranked
-Speak English & 1 or more languages
-Proven Theatre/Film/T.V. actors studies
-Recent shot professional casting photos according to UK/US standards (no older than 12 months)
-showreel with subtitles in English

If you are serious, hardworking and dedicated & you do not have an agent on Spotlight (agent in France is fine)
Then prepare a good e-mail with the above credentials explained to us and we are happy to review.
It is high season now, so we will not be able to always make zoom appointments after reviewing right away.
If you nevertheless have a Spotlight account, you can add us, after you and JJTA agree on a working relationship to not loose momentum!