Wanna Join our Team?

Jack & Jill Talent Agency is a special concept of multilingual actors/actresses
We do take in new clients if you can tick the following boxes:

* A Spotlight account or willing & able (enough credits) to register with JJTA as agent 
*IMDB page
* You speak English (native or not) enough to be able to play in English and next to that you also master 1 or more language good to native
*You have recent (not older than half year) photographs made by a professional photographer
*You have or are able to make a showreel (not longer than 2,5 minutes)
*You are able to travel within the EU


Categories we are looking for:

Mediteranian actors/actresses
Scandanavian actors/actresses
Middle Eastern actors/actresses
Asian actors/actresses
East European actors/actresses

Send to: jackjillassist@gmail.com /cc to: jackjillcastagent@gmail.com

If you submit your material understand that we are busy with projects so we will get back to you but sometimes it takes 1 or 2 weeks!

Thank you 😉

The Jack & Jill Team


our photographer (Amsterdam)