Xavi Israel

  • Lives in:
    North America

Xavi Israel is an American actor/stuntman best known for his roles in “Take The 10″, ” Atlantic Rim 2″, “Airliner Sky Battle and most recently “Patch”. His unique combination of being extremely athletic and his ability in mimicry, accents; along with, speaking various languages has given him a unique advantage

Xavi Israel hails from a highly competitive and successful athletic background of; Wrestling, jiujitsu, and professional American football.

Xavi is The youngest of 4 boys born and raised in the greater Chicago area where he grew up in a dynamic blue collaberating environment of multi-ethnicity.

Xavi was met with a career-ending injury during his professional football career which ultimately led him to pursue his next dream of becoming an action star while juggling a busy coaching and teaching career in Chicago before he eventually relocated to Los Angeles.

It was in Los Angeles where he found he was a natural for showbiz as he quickly landed comedic and action-based roles almost from the instant he initiated his pursuit in Hollywood. He now resides in Atlanta, Georgia continuing his journey as both; a performer and filmmaker

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