• Languages
    Native: French / High standard:English / Notions: Spanish, Arabic
    Horse-riding, Running, Shooting (Shotgun), Swimming, Thai Boxing Voice Over Skilled: Voice Acting, Voice Over
  • Music & Dance Skilled:
    Belly Dancing, Commercial Dance, Modern Dance, Zouk Lambada
  • Other Skills
    Artistic Director, Make Up Artist (professional), Meditation Instructor (experienced), Waiting Staff (experience)

Emma CHAÏBEDRA is an international French actress known for her work in many different
countries; International productions such as features like the 2013 Laskar Pelangi 2 in Indonesia
(female supporting role) or in the 2019 Omaya in India (female supporting role). Her life as an actress
also takes her to Finland, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Israel or UK, for short movies,
movie videos, commercials, or even TV films.

In 2010, Emma CHAÏBEDRA made her first steps on stage in France as a comedian where she
notably portrays Cassandre, in the Euripides play adapted by Jean-Paul Sartre: Les Troyennes. She will
after that be in fifteen plays, going from Classic to the Absurd and from Contemporary to Tragedies.
She also appears on French television with roles in Bref and Braquo (CANAL +), Palmashow (TMC)
and Les tactiques d'Emma (GULLI) . On the big screen, you can see her in features like Safari Park
by Mickael Massias (2017) and more recently The Citadel by Bruno Mercier (2022) and La Clairière
des Oubliés by Cédric Malzieu (Leslie 2 and main character) coming in 2024.

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