The Netherlands
    Native Dutch, high standard English, Koerdish, some Farsi

Gina is a multi-talented actress whose vibrant spirit and diverse skill set have propelled her onto the entertainment industry. Hailing from the Netherlands and of Kurdish descent, she brings a rich cultural tapestry to her performances. She proudly embraces her multicultural background, speaking native Dutch, near-native Kurdish (Sorani) and English. She’s also in the process of learning Farsi, further showcasing her commitment to diversity and acting.

Next to her acting career, Gina serves as a firefighter, displaying courage and dedication in the face of adversity. Her real-life experiences have added depth and authenticity to her acting.

Notably, Gina participated in the Mrs. Universe Netherlands pageant, where she earned a coveted spot in the top 5. She enjoys an eclectic entertainment background, having hosted a burlesque show for example or being an interviewer at the Septimius Awards Amsterdam. Her ability to connect with people shines through in every performance.

To perfect her craft, Gina dedicates herself to training at the Identity School of Acting of London twice a week under the tutelage of Femi Ogens. Additionally, she completed the year-long ‘De Toneelmeester’ course in Amsterdam under the guidance of esteemed tutors, including Hugo Konings, Sytske van der Ster, Allan Zipson and many more.

Beyond acting, Gina’s passion for the arts extends to dancing, singing and playing guitar. She also engages in songwriting and enjoys expanding her artistic talents. She further enjoys an active lifestyle by playing soccer with her fellow firefighters and spending time in the gym. She has recently taken up golf, demonstrating her passion for trying new experiences and challenges.


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Talent Agent: Ines de Vos